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We are two friends, one living in town and one in the country, who love to cook and entertain at home. We share a passion for our gardens and for the easy-going lifestyle of sub-tropical eastern Australia. And, yes, we both have garden ponds teaming with frogs.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Much ado about olives...

I'm thinking about curry but in the meantime I had to prune my precious olive tree today. There has been so much rain recently in town that the ground is sodden and the weight of the olives was threatening to pull the tree over. Most of the olives are still green but fortunately mature enough to use. The froglets have stripped the prunings and I’ve put the olives into brine.

I know how much Country Frog loves green olives, so I am going to drop them into her at the farm and she can finish them off.

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  1. How lucky you are - to have your own olive tree. and yes, the rain is all over the East Coast. We haven't been able to speak in normal tones for weeks up here. ah, the pleasures of tin roofs.


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