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We are two friends, one living in town and one in the country, who love to cook and entertain at home. We share a passion for our gardens and for the easy-going lifestyle of sub-tropical eastern Australia. And, yes, we both have garden ponds teaming with frogs.

Monday, 4 March 2013

A very little more on olives

Town Frog was passing through the valley yesterday and presented me with a bucket of home-grown green olives in brine. 'A present', she said. 'From the froglets.'

To finish the curing I will change the brine solution every day for two weeks, then bottle the olives down - that is, put them into a weaker “keeping” solution of salt and water for several months. Then, one sunny day we will go on a picnic and eat them - marinated in oil, garlic and chilli - with home-made bread and warm hummus. And, I guess we'll share them with a big group of olive-loving friends.

Now, back to that curry...

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