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We are two friends, one living in town and one in the country, who love to cook and entertain at home. We share a passion for our gardens and for the easy-going lifestyle of sub-tropical eastern Australia. And, yes, we both have garden ponds teaming with frogs.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Limes grown in a country garden

“Lime in wine” certainly goes well, and a slice of lime adds a little something bobbing around in pale ale. 

I grew my several lime bushes from cuttings taken from a grafted Tahitian Lime. I started some off with rooting hormone, and some without, and found that cuttings dipped in hormone had much stronger root balls when potted out. In the ground, five years on, the bushes all produce fruit but the ‘non-hormone’ plants tend to suffer dieback during hot dry spells. All the bushes, though, are a great success with little creatures.

Butterfly larvae feed on the leaves. Down among the thorns, spiders spin, safe from birds. Fortunately, no wildlife - not even a fence-jumping cow called Twinkle Toes - eats the maturing fruit.

St Andrew's Cross spider
 Lunch coming soon...

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